Monday, July 14, 2008

The Wonder Twins Have Arrived!

And Brangelina fans rejoice.

Side note: I don't think I'll ever mesh my name with someone else's. I mean, what if I fall for a Fred? Fredine? Nafred? Uh, no thanks. Of course, if I'm famous, I won't have control over the matter....

So Angelina had her babies. Time stopped for the briefest of moments. And then news outlets went crazy. Because this thing called birth is new. Or at least long-awaited. It's like the sequel to Children of Men. Knox and Vivienne are somehow the hope of our planet.

I find it hilarious that magazines have to tell us that there's a wedding trend. Or a get-skinny trend. Or a baby trend. Because I'm quite certain that marriages, diets and childbirths are a reality in every season of every year, among the famous and non-famous alike.

But if you call Brad Pitt "honey," following trends isn't enough. If you're part of the elite superstar class, you must up the ante. Which is Oscar winners get married multiple times. Starlets compete for the most-emaciated award. And when the A-list get pregnant, they go for the multiple.

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