Monday, July 14, 2008

Q: Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

A: Grocery shopping.

I was in line at the checkout. There were two people in front of me. First in line was an old woman fumbling with her change. Between her and I stood a young man with very good taste in groceries. Roasted chicken, arugula and Camembert. If he had asked me over for dinner, I would have said yes without hesitation. Because I judge people by their culinary style.

At this particular store, customers bag their own groceries. As I was typing in my PIN, the boy with the groceries of greatness finished bagging his food. The old woman was still working on hers. So he put down his things and offered to help her.

After he left, the woman commented, "The young men here are so great."

The cashier and I chimed in unison, "Not all of them." I surprised myself with my reaction. Fortunately, it came off as funny and not bitter. Because I'm not bitter. At all. But the cashier was. Or at least broken.

"I don't know any great men. The only good man in my life is my son."

She's younger than me. And alone.

The old woman was happily mumbling to herself. "He must have a wonderful mother." She was still talking about Mr. Arugula, but she very well could have been talking to the cashier.

So after loading my produce into my canvas bag, I turned to the single mother:

"I guess you'll just have to raise a great man."

She smiled. "The greatest."


Walking Church said...
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Walking Church said...

Your mom took one off the market!!! (seriously)

Just some men sparkle at times more than others. There are some gems amongst jerks.

What concerns me - and it is not only flagged in your blog but by other ladies - is how they want to put a man up on a pedestal.

I don't like that burden much - it seems so unfair - I am just a redeemed man who makes his share of mistakes - most of the time 'a great guy' but frequently humbled by looking at the 'jerk' in the mirror. I guess I believe I have tasted mercy and need to extend it.

The last great man - they crucified Him!