Saturday, July 05, 2008

Queen of Wishful Thinking

Oh, William. He covered "King of Wishful Thinking" on Wednesday and it's been in my head ever since. The above video isn't from the concert at El Mocambo, but it's pretty much what went down.

The original video of the song is here. It's cheese in video form. Just to warn you.

I am the queen of wishful thinking. Which is dangerous. Because, as Beth Moore so eloquently puts it, "A rebellious child of God prefers pleasant illusions over truth."

I'm pretty good at thinking. I do it a lot. Although I've recently discovered that thinking does not necessarily equal processing. I can think about something without digging very deep. It's more like a daydreaming mode that I hang out in. Which is probably the worst place to keep my head. Because I end up, to borrow a lyric from Bebo, "no farther forward, just farther along."

So the plan is to move forward. To stop this wishful thinking and go have my adventure. Not that I'm going to stop thinking. Just the pointless, wistful nothingness. Dreams are still important. But not when they hold me hostage.

Things I have thought today:
  • Why does my brain like to confuse Morgentaler and Kevorkian? I do know the difference. Perhaps it's because their surnames each have four syllables? Or there's the death thing....
  • Spiritual farting is annoying. So stop it.
  • I should start a washroom franchise. For those walking around downtown in need of facilities.
  • I should sleep more.
  • How does one become a shoe addict? Can I take a class?
  • I'm higher maintenance than I like to believe. But lower than I was. I'm probably medium maintenance.
  • Why do people respond to graffiti on bathroom doors? And ladies, you don't have to draw me a picture of fecal matter. I know what it looks like. No wonder guys are so confused by girls. We want roses and we draw poop.
  • My piano needs a name. Because he's my boyfriend as of late. We spend plenty of quality time together late a night.
  • Can someone be stalked by a country?
  • I need to get in shape. For real this time. Maybe. No, stop that. For real. Discussion over.


Christianne Burrage said...

I think you should name your piano JB for obvious reasons.

nadine said...

Whatever do you mean, Christianne? :)

In honor of my brother Joel?
Jason Bateman?
Jeff Buckley?
Johann S. Bach?
James Bond?
Jason Bourne?
Jack Bauer?

Beth said...

I've had "you still hurt me" in my head ALL WEEK. but i can't find it on youtube. sadness.

Christianne Burrage said...

I was thinking more along the lines of Janice Bells, but whatever floats your boat.


nadine said...

I thought my piano was my boyfriend, thus the need for a guy's name.

Which should eliminate family names from the running....

Christianne Burrage said...

forget my last post. I forgot about that part. haha.