Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I. Am. Canadian.

It's still Canada Day, but in my little world, it's over. And it was good.

And now I'm sleepy. Because sleepovers are novelties when you live alone.
And now I'm sunburned. Because talking in the sun without pausing for the SPF was a brilliant idea at the time.
And now I'm full. Because all cakes should be made out of ice-cream sandwiches, chocolate sauce and Cool Whip.

And all is well.

If you head over to MovieZen, you will be reminded that our holiday is but a blip in the week of Northern Hemisphere holidaying. With the July 4th weekend (which oddly starts with a Wednesday release) comes Will Smith. And Hancock. And a lot of people will go. Because it's common knowledge that Big Willie is Mr. July. And we probably shouldn't mess with that.

Although I will. Wanted, anyone?

But not until I get some sleep.


Walking Church said...

whose the 'hippy' with the John Lennon shades laughing? Near the flag.

gotta see my salute to the hippy pastor recently seen in Orillia. . . on my post today.

Christianne Burrage said...

So are these photos taken with your lovely digital camera?

nadine said...

They certainly are.

Slowly but surely I'm remembering to actually take pictures with it....