Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking For a Bike in a Bikestack

Have you ever searched through 2400+ bikes, looking for one red-and-white Schwinn that disappeared two years ago?

I have.

It was not there.

Sarah, I like to think that someone innocently and unknowingly bought your bike off the sketchy dealer. That your bike is the tool that gets him/her to an ultra-important lifesaving job every morning. Maybe your bike has helped save kittens. Feed the homeless. Perform brain surgery.

The theft of your bike may have been the best possible thing for mankind.

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Sarah said...

Okay, sure! :) I can see that. And you know, it makes me feel better.

But what about the blue one stolen the year before? I'm still going with "hawked for parts" on that one.

joanne said...

So weird!

My mom called to tell me about the Igor bust! And then my friend Natalie got her most awesome Black and Pink Black Betty Electra back bike back!!!!

nadine said...

She got her bike back?! That's awesome.

The whole situation is just so bizarre. And kind of sad. I don't know how someone could justify that kind of operation. And clearly, he was better at stealing than selling. So. Many. Bikes.