Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fictional Ink

Another blog post about tattoos. This really should stop. And it will. Soon. But a viewing of Wanted put ink on my mind. And once I learn to curve bullets, I'll head out and permanently brand myself.

I am woman enough to acknowledge Angelina's gorgeousness. I am. But in Wanted, she is so painfully thin that I almost don't believe she's capable of holding a steady gun.

Angie, eat something. Please. No, I'm not trying to sabotage you out of envy. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is an example of your optimal stunningness. Go back there. You have three daughters now. Set an example.

But I digress. Back to tattoos.

Over at MovieZen, I count down my favorite tattooed characters. Or at least my favorite tattoos on fictional characters. Unsurprisingly, Guy Pearce takes the top spot. Because Memento was probably the first film that blew my little chronological mind. Fortunately, the reel operator noticed early on that he was playing a flipped version of the movie and corrected the error before confusing me further. It's one thing to see a movie that's backwards. But one that's backwards and inverted (I consider it inside-out) is a little too much for me.

I had a roommate one summer who wanted a tattoo of a squashed bug on the bottom of her foot. Brilliantly painful idea. With a little bit of pointlessness thrown in.

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