Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tattoo Advice

Today I saw a tattoo that was too small.

I know that sounds a little weird coming from someone who probably won't ever get one (I can barely decide what to wear in the morning. How would I ever decide on something permanent? I'm far too much of a long-term thinker, anticipating wrinkles and stretch marks), but I think people really need to consider proportion and location before getting inked.

It was a name, quite small and in cursive, on her bicep. But it was pretty much just an illegible smudge. It was as if she wanted something little and inconspicuous, and yet she put it in a rather obvious spot. It should have been significantly larger. Or on a wrist or ankle or hip bone where tiny tattoos fit quite nicely.

And that is your tattoo-placement lesson. If you're going to tattoo my name on your arm, do it like you mean it.

If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I would consider running out and getting a tattoo. Of course, if I really was going to die tomorrow, there would be better things to do with my limited time than hang out in tattoo parlors....


Walking Church said...

The smallness might reflect her low pain threshold - giggle...

Suggestion (hope your parents don't read this fine blog) - my advice - put the tatt on your life life (things you want to do before you die).

My silly lister, though, not so permanent was to grow my hair out - I was not permitted to do so when I was in my teens and when it was the culture to do so. So sitting on the cusp of 50 - I have a full, curly length of rebellion lived out finally. The guys that give me the hardest time are simply those who are follically challenged (bald dudes)...

I do like your approach - 'do it like you mean it'. . .I wish more Christians would live their lives like they mean it (appropriated Christ as their life)!

nadine said...

I'm working on my life list. But no tattoos on it. Yet. It feels more rebellious to resist the ink trend than to give into it.

Maybe I'll be like you and grow my hair out :)

Walking Church said...

Too cute - now if you can only get your dad to grow his hair out to his shoulders!

I think, he thinks, I am kidding.

Mike needs a new 'do'!