Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trustworthy: An Advil Adventure

An elderly woman stopped me as I walked by Shoppers this evening. She was standing outside the door, looking confused. With her was a small dog. Not handbag size, but certainly not large enough to hold his own in a sidewalk confrontation with another canine.

The woman needed to buy Advil for her niece. Liqui-Gels. But the dog wasn't Shoppers-friendly. And she wasn't about to leave the pup outside. Clearly, she hadn't thought this through very well.

So I took action. And I took her cash.

I sped through the store. It was a challenge. I was on a mission to bless a stranger. Someone who had no reason to trust me. And in the blink of an eye (I don't blink very often), I was handing her a bottle of Advil, her change and a receipt.

She smiled, thanked me and walked away, her little dog in tow.

Sometimes you just have to notice the adventure in front of you. The one in little-old-lady form. Especially on ordinary Tuesdays.

It's reassuring to know that I give off a "trustworthy" vibe. Or at least not one of pure sketchiness.

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Walking Church said...

Two thumbs up!

Applied 'Christianity' all too often not done.