Saturday, July 19, 2008

Will Blog for Shoes

More posts from your favorite blogger are up over at ShoeMinx. I feel like a late bloomer in this whole shoe-obsession thing. But I'm certainly getting the hang of it. And I'm starting to wonder if my InStyle subscription can now be considered a tax write-off.

See that red sole? I believe I should add "wear Louboutins" on my Bucket List. Not buy. Just wear. So if anyone's up for a fancy trying-on-shoes-without-buying excursion, let me know.

Anne Hathaway is still gorgeous
Heidi Klum is "auf" to the Runway
Leighton Meester: Shoes to gossip about
It's Miller Time
Vanessa Hudgens is not wearing sneakers

Most of these can also be found at The Daily Pump.

Happy Saturday!


michael lewis said...

I don't understand women's shoes, nor do I think I will ever understand them in the slightest. At best they look impractical and uncomfortable.

Have you seen Joanne's wedding shoes? She bought the same pair in two colours to decide. I just sent back the second choice yesterday.

nadine said...

God designed my feet for slippers. Unfortunately, even athletic shoes are generally uncomfortable for me.

I have the arches of a ballerina but the coordination of a teetering toddler.

So I admire stilettos from afar.

Beth said...

look who's turning into a blogging maniac!