Monday, January 19, 2009

Locker Room Woes

A little boy reluctantly follows his mother and sister into the women's change room.

BOY: When can I use the men's room?
MOTHER: When you're 47.
BOY: Please say 8.

Eavesdropping is better than television.


Beth said...

ah ha ha ha ha. also, i love riley armstrong's song! i haven't heard it in a long time :)

nadine said...

I love that you love that song. I'm afraid 99% of the people I know have never heard it. So sad.

It was my theme song one summer.

Vanessa said...

At the pool I swim at there is a sign over the women's locker room that says that boys over 2 years aren't allowed in. 2! That seems young to me. Of course, it does also have a "family" changeroom so I guess that makes up for it.

nadine said...

Two? Really? The mother went on to say that so-and-so is 10 and he's still not allowed to go to the men's change room alone. Because there are strange men out there. How would a 10-year-old defend himself?

I was a little shocked that she would choose to use the fear card with her son.

She then told him they'll have to wait and see how big and smart he becomes....