Sunday, January 25, 2009

Church With Jake Gyllenhaal

It's no secret that I love my church. Which is a very exciting thing to type, as I spent my first year or so in this city wandering aimlessly between churches, often preferring to sleep in and watch Charles Price on TV rather than trek to a building of awkward mediocrity. Please, pastors of the world, stop trying to be Dr. Phil. And maybe test-drive your analogies with a trusted loved one. So many attempts = FAIL. (Just ask my brother Joel. There will be eye-rolling....)

Back to The Meeting House.

We've been talking about the early church. About community. And about how non-creepy real fellowship is, in stark contrast with the most brilliant clip below.

There is no better sermon lead-in than 3 minutes with Jake. This even beats the Shawn of the Dead Sunday....

(Watch 3:50 to 7:09)

There's a huge difference between authentic community and "bright and shiny." One is real and life-changing. The other is hilarious. From a distance.

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