Monday, January 05, 2009

In Anticipation of Pain

I stood in line at my local community centre today. I let the lady take a hideously unflattering picture of me. And then I gave her a lot of money.

I now have a gym membership. 2009 is the year of physical fitness. Of consistently healthy living. At least in my world. I understand that today is statistically the day resolutions start failing. For me, they're just beginning.

I'll try not to bore you with my progress, but I'm sure my attempts at shaping up will be documented here. The goal is to run 5k without dying. For starters.

And to feel strong. And maybe even be strong.

I can't wait.


Christianne Burrage said...

if you wanted to work out to Dr Horrible, it's in itunes for 5 bucks. :D

Karen said...

You can do it, Nadine! I did a Learn to Run through my local running room, starting from zero running (I did know how to walk), and in 10 weeks was running 5km without problem/strain. For me the key is "10's & 1's", that is running for 10 minutes and then taking a one-minute walk break. You can choose your own combo, e.g. 5's & 1's or 15's & 2's.

5km is totally doable! Don't push yourself too hard or you won't want to do it again. Take it slow and run at a pace where you can still talk/sing.

I'm excited! Maybe if we're in the same city again together, we can go for a run. Sorry to leave this long comment--I get pretty excited about running.

nadine said...

Christianne - You know me so well. Never fear, I already have it :)

Karen - I appreciate your enthusiasm. I'm starting to get excited at the prospect of adult-onset athleticism. (And I'm all about the walk/run intervals!)

I have many dreams of travel. I'll add "Running with Karen" to the list of things to do in a province not my own :)

Sarah said...

Dave and I are planning on joining a gym this year too, though I think we're gonna wait for that awesome third paycheck of January before we do. Horray for physical fitness!