Friday, January 16, 2009

Journals: The Disclaimers

Multiple journals. Few themes. Many acknowledgments of phantom readers.

July 31, 2001

I know I'm beginning to sound over-dramatic and superficial, but....

Sept 26, 2001

I know I must be sounding redundant....

Oct 14. 2001

Okay, if anyone ever reads this, I'm apologizing now for the complete infatuative babble that is going to occur on the next pages. Very sorry.

Dec 29, 2001

Alright, so on reading through this journal, I've noticed, quite embarrassingly, that....

Nov 2, 2002

I've decided to return to this journal because I think the frustrating confusion I am experiencing right now links to many of the pages in this book. Thematic organization, I suppose.

Apr 4, 2003

I feel as though I need to begin a new journal.

The word "infatuative" should catch on any day now.

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