Friday, January 23, 2009

Locker Room Mysteries

I didn't have any writing assignments today, so after helping out with the Yonge Street Mission clothing drive this morning, I went to the gym. The change room was packed with old ladies (not just "older," but gals who probably once swooned over a young Laurence Olivier). They were all in various states of undress, moving at a ridiculously slow pace, chatting about nothing in particular.

One woman was clearly upset, looking for her glasses. A second woman, ready for AquaFit in her saggy floral swimsuit, tried to help her find them.
WOMAN 1: Do you always wear your glasses in the pool?
WOMAN 2: Oh, yes. Always.
WOMAN 1: Did someone steal them off your face?
Someone needs to watch more Murder, She Wrote.

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