Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Recap

I turned 25. I watched my grandma die. I survived a few life roller coasters, both fun and frustrating. I stood on the same patio as Benicio Del Toro at a party, went on a hilariously awkward date with an actor I almost met in a bar, saw Christopher Plummer be brilliant, stalked Brooke Fraser, fell for Bret and Jemaine, said goodbye to Larry Norman, started blogging professionally, went partially freelance, pretended to jog, stuffed overnight guests into my apartment, flew in a plane for the first time (it only took me 24.5 years) and discovered coffee. I also fell for Mad Men's Don Draper and Lost's Desmond ("The Constant" was the greatest moment in my short television-viewing life), read Watchmen, got swept up in Michael Phelps mania, heard Shane Claiborne speak, became obsessed with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, saw the Batmobile, voted, was picked up by my elbows, hung out in doctors' offices, rediscovered my love of music, made ridiculous plans then talked myself out of them, walked the 10+ km route home from work, sat on my glasses, connected with a home church, indulged in high tea, was water-less in my apartment, and ate a lot of vegetables. I also leapt into a whole new technological era with my first-ever digital camera (which I abandoned in Banff and had returned to me in Vancouver), iPod nano (aka Charleston "Baby" Blue), and MacBook. Laptops are going to take off. Trust me.

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