Thursday, January 29, 2009

Desmond Hume Will Be My Constant

If you're a Lost fan but missed last night's episode, please walk away from your computer. I couldn't bear being responsible for spoiling last night's awesomeness for you. Catch up, then come back.

There's this unspoken rule that if the episode is Desmond-centric, it will be amazing. Last night did not disappoint. On top of the genius storytelling, he wore a scarf. A great one. We're bonded for life.

ASIDE: I brought seven scarves to my parents' house last Christmas. I will never live that down.

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Every time Des and Penny argue, I get nervous. I want them to make it. They must be the love-conquers-all/redemption-is-possible couple in the series finale. Or I will cry. Or throw things.

ASIDE: I have been known to throw pillows at the TV on occasion. Like when Romeo and Juliet kill themselves. Stupid adolescent angst.

One of the downsides to blogging about my favorite show EVER is that I end up reading a lot of spoilers, casting news and production scoop. This means that certain mind-blowing reveals are softened and I miss the full impact. I read last week that Charlie would be mentioned by name in last night's episode (and that it would make me cry). Therefore, I completely predicted the adorable child's name in the first two minutes of the episode and subsequently needed zero tissues. Very disappointing. Sometimes a girl just wants to cry, you know?

ASIDE: Same thing happened with the Des/Penny kiss last season. A producer said that there would be an off-island kiss of fantastic proportions. Again, my prediction-smarts ruined the moment. Not that it wasn't amazing....

We need a Lost costume party, folks. I'm assuming no one will dress like Charlotte. Because I'm pretty sure she's ceasing to exist. Literally. And unless the new gal, Theresa, recovers from her "time-travel STD," she might be a pretty boring party guest too.

Sigh. I want Desmond's scarf.

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Vanessa said...

It was the scarf + Sunglasses of Awesomeness that did me in.
I'm a definite fan of Desmond. And who knew longish hair could look that good? Dang.