Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cyclical Fashion?

Oh, no.

American Apparel is responsible for one of my favorite shirts. And now they're also responsible for trying to revive my least favorite hair trend ever.

Don't do it, folks. Please. Thwart the trend-dictating elves' evil schemes.


Vanessa said...

Ew. Just say no to the scrunchie.

Beth said...

american apparel is also responsible for some recent porn-related controversy... google "american apparel vancouver trina campbell"

Katie V. said...

maybe i won't be googling that Beth Fisher! Trying to get me to look for pornography on the internet! But actually I saw that on the news, kinda crossed a line (an easily visible one).

But, I was meaning to say: I promise. No scrunchies for me. I don't need to be aged.

nadine said...

Yikes. Yeah, I also have some issues with AA's, uh, "marketing." I believe they did a campaign with women who were bottomless. I guess they tired of toplessness.

Although their lack of airbrushing is somewhat appreciated. In fully clothed situations.

Moral of the story: no scrunchies.