Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Almost Lost

Let's say that my name is Penny. And my TV's name is Desmond.* For some time now, our relationship has been distant. I have been waiting. And I have a feeling our love affair is going to heat up tomorrow.

There is one redeeming thing about January. That thing is Lost.

Doesn't everyone's TV have a Scottish accent?

P.S. Please give Henry Ian Cusick an Emmy. I mean, the guy was JESUS. (So was Christian Bale. All the great ones are at some point.)

*I'm aware that my attempt at Analogies 101 is a total FAIL. I almost don't care. At all.


Vanessa said...

So excited! Where did the island go? How will it come back? What happened to Locke? what about Jack? kate?
The suspense is KILLING me.

nadine said...

Me too, me too! I'm always excited to learn that I'm not alone in my little obsession :)

And I'm very pleased that there are only two seasons left. It means that the writers have to know where they're going with the story. There will be answers one day!

Sarah said...

LOST! It feels like forever ago! Can't wait! Are you gonna be live blogging it?

nadine said...

I'll be doing some sort of recap.

I'll probably type during commercials, but refrain from posting 'til the end.

So I suppose the answer is "sort of" :)

Be sure to watch the one-hour special at 8 (before the premiere). Because it really has been A LONG TIME. Refreshers will be needed.

amanda said...

I have an above average love of Lost. That said we should watch it together sometime because no one else I know really likes the show. Only Joe tolerates my theories and discussions on it. :) It's about time it came back.

nadine said...

Yes, Amanda, we should watch it together! I think I feel a Lost party coming on....

Really, we should be friends. It's been too long.