Monday, January 12, 2009

Heston & Bogie

Two young guys on the bus. One, maybe both, still in high school. But instead of sporting mega-sized hoodies and expensive kicks, these two are dressed like mini-men. Respectable.

They passionately discuss their favorite Charlton Heston films. One defends his love of the Biblical epics, claiming they have little to do with Jesus and more to do with the particular moment in history. Something about Heston and period pieces. The other agrees that Michael Moore's take on the man was unfair. There's more to the man.

Then they move on to other classics.

"It's hard to find a girl in high school who really appreciates Casablanca."

High school's rough, boys. I know.

I hope people write down the awesome things I say in public.


Vanessa said...

That is ridiculously cool. Mini men. Love it. :)

Cee Burr said...

isn't there a website that has quotes from people around town?

nadine said...

Vanessa, I know! I would tell you to dress your little man in a suit all through school, but I doubt that you can dictate these sorts of things....

Christianne, the site's called Overheard in New York. And it's awesome.