Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Rock & Roll"

This song makes me happy. It sounds like summer.

Eric Hutchinson, this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship....

Sorry for all the YouTube-ness as of late. I'll tell fantastic stories again shortly. I realized that some of the adventures I intentionally neglected to blog about in the past few years are now blog-able. With time comes a distance that makes stories less incriminating. And less obvious. So maybe I'll tell you about the way-too-small sexy jeans in the bottom of my dresser drawer sometime....

Oh, and, Michael, I thought you'd like to know: Tom Jones is coming out with his first U.S. album in 15 years. With original material. And Bono and the Edge guest on it. So I may have to listen to it. Many times. (source)

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michael lewis said...


Bono and the Edge appearing on a new material Tom Jones album???

Now that's news worth reading!