Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Happy Wednesday, all.

I should be writing right now. I mean, yes, typing this does constitute as writing, but I'm not exactly making money with these words. And so the almighty paycheque must dictate priority.

So while I'm researching eco-chic weddings, I'll leave you with a fun little trip though cyberspace....


You know the drill. Head on over for my summer box-office wrap-up. I didn't see many flicks this summer (shocking, I know), but I didn't need to. The Dark Knight was amazing. Iron Man was surprisingly great. Indiana Jones was fun. And Wanted boasted some very creative gun violence. What more could I demand of the theatrical experience?

The Daily Pump

The Toronto International Film Festival is coming. Tomorrow, in fact. As prep for such an event, I've posted about footwear greatness at the Venice Film Festival. Toronto may be a little less glamorous, but it will be exponentially more amazing. I promise.

project wedding

Just in case you're following my writing career, my first wedding-planning articles are up.

Creating the Perfect Seating Chart
How to Budget Your Time at Your Wedding

More shall follow, I assure you.

Great Covers

And for fun....
(stolen from the perpetually awesome this is reverb...)

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Just Say No

I've never done drugs. This is why.

Well, I'm off to be productive now....

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