Friday, September 26, 2008

Notable Quotables


I was walking past two young men on their smoke break. I wish I had heard more.

"I thought I lost my virginity...."


Two guys getting off the subway, deep in thought. Obviously.

"Happiness is happiness. I mean, it doesn't matter if you think it is or isn't, you know?"


A tween girl on her cell phone. Loudly.

"Is Katrina a weirdo? Do you think she's weird? I think she's weird. I told her that you were weird."


Me. On the phone with a friend. Talking in circles.

"Yeah, he should be obsessed with me."

(I don't normally quote myself. But she told me to.)


McCain. Debating. Sounding a little like the man who came before him.

"...beyond his wildest explectations."

Yes, explectations. It's the word of the day.

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