Saturday, September 20, 2008

It Happened Last Night: Brooke Fraser. Again.

She belongs in a another era, no?

I saw Brooke Fraser last night. I'm pretty sure that twice in three months is a record for me. And it's one I'd have no problem breaking, as I'm pretty much an addict now. Love her. As should you. But I don't love her in the way a crazy fan in line professed to, sheepishly admitting that he announced to his friends he was going to marry her before discovering she was, in fact, already married. A real fan would have done his research. Sheesh.

(No, the glasses aren't real. She threw on over-sized plastic frames to distract us from the fact that she wasn't wearing makeup. And then told us all that she wasn't wearing any makeup. 'Cause that's the way she rolls.)

I think I prefer her live. Her album is amazing, but she has a rather oddball sense of humor and inspiring musical proficiency that makes her even better on stage. And her voice is clearer and gutsier and all-around more remarkable when she's in the same room as you. Except when she's cracking up during the first verse of "The Sounds of Silence." Or trying to sing "O Canada." But that's all part of her charm.

Highlight? "Love is Waiting." I love the verses. So much so that every time I hear it, I wish I had written it. Or at least plagiarized a couple lyrics in a conversation I had not all that long ago. I believe this is the first tour with that song on the set list. Mostly because she doesn't know what to do with her hands. (It's the only song that doesn't have her playing the piano or guitar.) So she improvised:

It's my caution, not the cold....

Okay, I'm done gushing now.
I need to learn to play the guitar.

The end.

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thebruce said...

love the photos, but the 2nd here is my favourite! I'm going to listen to her album again, right now. :)