Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Flash Those Pearly Whites

Some of you must be wondering by now, "Whatever happened to those Listerine strips you were sent in the mail?"

And the rest of you must be wondering, "What strips? Listerine? I am so confused."

Not all that long ago, I was sent a Whitening Listerine (TM/MC) Quick Dissolving Strips kit. Because I'm super-influential and will spread the movie-star-smile secrets to all of you. Obviously. But I didn't want to wax poetic about a product without trying it out first. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm a "horse first, cart second" kind of gal.

Here's the deal:

They work, but very subtly. You're not going to walk away with a white-blue smile. But they dissolve in your mouth, so there's no messy cleanup. The initial sting on your gums (I have sensitivity anyway) quickly disappears, and the odd taste stops bothering you by the third day. For my first experience with a whitening product, I was reasonably satisfied. Of course, if I was days away from my film debut, Vogue cover shoot or even my wedding, I might opt to take the professional-whitening route.

If you want your own free samples, sign up here. I have a few remaining sample strips to hand out, so my lovely coworkers should anticipate Listerine presents tomorrow.

Smile, folks, regardless of enamel shade.

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