Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Don't Live in a Real City

A martini is not a martini without an olive.

That, at least, is the thinking of a true connoisseur.

And to Siouxland residents, many of whom consider themselves connoisseurs of fine food, a city is not a city without an Olive Garden. So as of Monday, Sioux City becomes a real city.

What for years has been a local obsession -- the OG's manicotti formaggio, chicken vino bianco and zuppa toscana driving Siouxlanders to Omaha and Sioux Falls -- has become a reality.

Sioux City Journal

I went to the Olive Garden for the 13th birthday. Shortly thereafter, the restaurant disappeared from my province. And I cried on the inside.

If anyone wants to sweep me off my feet, pick me up for a spontaneous road trip to Buffalo. Just for Italian food. And I will love you forever. Or at least blog about it. And maybe write you a song.


Kathleen Gallagher said...

I find that quote depressing. A city is not a city unless it has a chain restaurant? I confess I've never been to an Olive Garden, so maybe someone will have to explain its brilliance to me. But there are plenty of genuine Italian restaurants in Toronto, which I consider a better indicator of a "real" city. Perhaps you and I should go to the newly opened Neapolitan pizzeria on Ossington soon?

nadine said...

For me, it's purely nostalgic reasons for my love. It's just a chain restaurant with huge portions and plenty of cheese (literal cheese).

Sioux City must be a pretty fun town if a chain restaurant is a local OBSESSION.

And yes, let's go to someplace where Italians actually do the cooking :) Neapolitan sounds great. And closer than NY.

Anonymous said...

Wow, no offense, but you really need to get out more.
Olive Garden is not that good of a restaurant. The bread sticks are bland and so is the rest of the menue.
See if you have a restaurant in your town who has Italians making Italian food. You'll probably do MUCH BETTER!

Beth said...

Yeah, Nadine. You clearly need to get out more ;)

Also, you should listen to the comedian I am about to email you re: The Olive Garden.

nadine said...

I appreciate everyone's concern for my pathetic palette. Keep in mind that my love of said bad Italian was that of a 13-year-old's....

I have since had real Italian.

And thanks, Beth :)