Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Good Day

  • Brian McLaren speaks. Love him. And then he sings to us.
  • Twisted Frosties for lunch.
  • Holding a $1000 Ferragamo bag. And stroking it. And walking around with it. And putting it back. (That was the discounted price.)
  • Walking past a movie set. Hoping that something will explode. Nothing does.
  • High tea at the Fairmont Hotel. Eating berries and crumpets and scones and finger sandwiches and pastries. And maple maple tea. Yes, two maples.
  • Making two new friends. Which makes the new-friend toll reach 5 for the week. Although the first new friend of the week also become my first un-friend of the week. More on that later.
  • An hour-and-a-half walk home with my Imax-Jesus friend.
  • Exploring the brand-spanking-new Shoppers on the Danforth. Four liters of milk for $2.99.
  • The Emmys. In pyjamas. All cozy and content and slightly gown-obsessed.


Sarah said...

The Emmys were on tonight? Man, I am so out if it!!

Elizabeth Gordon said...

Nadine, I read that book a long time back: love it!