Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not Much Has Changed

Sometimes I feel as though I think too much. I plan out my future, including the actions of those I've never met. I plan out insightful things to say if ever I were put in that situation, but rarely find myself there. And if I do, I never fail to be a moron.

~Nadine, almost 16.
(Journal - June 4, 1999)


Beth said...

okay - weird thing.

i have a blog entry on this same topic in the works, and someone else mentioned the same thing: planning out conversations for hypothetical situations...

now i don't need to write my entry.

nadine said...

Weirdness indeed.

To think your entry was written 9 years ago by a teenage me :)

The scary thing is that many of those hypothetical situations do surface. As do the moronic responses.

~drea said...

Haha this entry is brilliant!