Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Lesson in Vanity

Today, I had my eyebrows threaded. It sounded like something very trendy and hip and Yorkville-approved. I convinced myself that perfectly shaped brows would make my eyes pop and my hotness quotient increase exponentially. Sure, I've plucked them myself, but I wanted the magic that only comes from a pro.

I specified that I like bold brows. Thick but not unruly. I wanted a little sophistication above my eyes. She agreed. She even repeated every request, impressing me with her active listening.

And then she went to work, ripping tiny hairs out of my flesh.


I have uniformly and unnaturally skinny brows. It would have been easier to just shave them off and draw a pretty curved line in their place.

I am not designed for vanity.

I should go live in a hut in Africa. Away from mirrors.

Or get long bangs.


Silas said...

is it possible to get hair extensions for bangs?

nadine said...

Ooh, Silas, you are brilliant. Apparently add-on bangs are indeed available :)

I'm starting to get used to my face again. The situation isn't quite as dire as I first thought. I think the shock of the drastic change kept me from being objective.

www.editshoppe.ca said...

Michael waxes his, as do I. I would say that waxing is the best route for eyebrow maintenance.

nadine said...

The couple that waxes together stays together? :)

chantal sunita said...

nice eyebrows are essential. makes a big difference (or so i think) in my appearance. eyes are one of the most attractive qualities in a person....looking deep into them will often tell you alot about a person; definitely alot more than the words that come out of their mouth.