Sunday, August 31, 2008

Walk On

An aside: In June, on her toes hit the 300-posts mark. It took over two years to get there. This is post 405. I guess I've picked up the pace a little, no?

I walked home from church today. According to Google Maps, the most brilliant post-sliced-bread invention ever, my little walk was 9.5 kilometers (after adjusting the map to match my route. I could have shaved .8 km off my walk had I cared about efficiency).

Nine and a half kilometers. In sandals.

And I didn't die.

Nor did I experience pain.

In fact, I felt rather upbeat and alive. I think this thing called "exercise" might catch on.

And save for a quick jaunt into a shopping mall where the bathroom was free and the dollar store offered cheap hydration, I happily soaked up the steady stream of sunshine and fresh air. I think air conditioning is slowly killing me. Maybe I'm an anti-gargolye, desperate for the sun.

I've also decided that walking with a good friend is a fabulous distraction technique. When you're talking about pre-nups, Movie Jesus, buffet strategies and California, the kilometers just effortlessly blend into one another. And because we're economically minded friends, our afternoon together concluded at Food Basics, where we each stocked up on skim milk. Calcium on sale makes me happy.

Now that I've conquered Toronto, I believe a walking tour of Europe is an order.

Music Corner:
If Bono tells me to walk on, I shall.
Maybe for 500 miles.
And you can't really walk without Walker. I'm pretty sure Chuck Norris invented walking.

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mike said...

1/ rather than google maps use gmap pedometer for walking / running / biking
2/ someone else walked home from church - 30km with pictures
3/ that was a goof little hike... although sandals was probably not the wisest [sorry couldn't resist :-)]