Sunday, August 03, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition?

I'm not sure what to do with this little blog o' mine.

Don't worry, I won't stop blogging. But do I specialize? Should I find a niche? Should I spin-off my pop-culture thoughts into another blog and keep this one focused on the adventure that is my life? Or do I keep everything all messy and crammed together, emphasizing that life happens to be much like this blog, slightly non-sequitur and often amusing (although sometimes unintentionally so)?

Do I monetize? Would anyone want to pay me to be me? That sounds so odd. (But please say yes.)

Sometimes I have too many ideas. I could rattle off multiple blog ideas, propose creative ventures, list the most bizarre and unrelated flashes of brainstorming lightning. But most of them can't happen. I have 24 hours in my day. And I need to pay my rent.

There may be changes coming here. That's your heads up. And I'm open to suggestions. Just don't be offended if I don't use them.

And for those of you following my writing career, I think it's safe to announce that I recently signed a writing contract with eHarmony. Yes, this is hilarious. And I'm writing for their advice section. Because those who can't do, advise.

So if you see me with my head in a bridal magazine, know that I'm researching wedding-planning articles and not merely obsessing over some hypothetical future. I refuse to pick a gown when there's no groom in the picture. It's just not heart-healthy.


Beth said...

you're currently my hero, nadine. do it. renovate. rip out the walls and start fresh...i like the messiness, though, of many thoughts all together.

eHarmony - that's great. seriously. also, not. do you get a free membership, as a side-benefit? ;) if so, you know you have to blog about how that goes. (by the way, i just started reading neil clark warren's date or soulmate?, which came fairly highly recommended from a friend. it says it's to be used in conjuction with eHarmony...

finally: other post comment - i looooove james marsden. he totally makes 27 dresses a movie i would watch again.

nadine said...

No free membership that I know of. But any eHarmony-related adventures (within reason) would end up here, never you fear.

I think it's illegal for them to hire me based on relationship status, so they can't really ask if I'm single. But a simple Googling of me would probably clue them in. Unless they hired me b/c they think I'm an old married woman with plenty of wisdom to offer....

This is what I get for calling it eDisharmony a few months ago :) Soon I'll be their poster child.