Monday, August 11, 2008

Because Hamlet Was Begging For a Sequel

I have a crush on Shakespeare. And I love Jesus. So you'd think Hamlet 2 would be right up my alley, no? I mean, it's the Bard meets Sexy Jesus...

Uh, yeah.

I have lived the high-school-drama-class experience that deserves both your mockery and pity. As I'm sure I will blog one day soon, my years with a possibly-inebriated and certainly insane drama teacher provide rather fertile ground for angsty storytelling. So the idea of a teacher, after failing in his stage adaptation of Erin Brockovich, writing the sequel to Hamlet to save the drama program is perfectly feasible. Believe me.

(And if you haven't read Hamlet, just know that a sequel is pretty much not possible. At all. Now go read Hamlet. Seriously, why haven't you? You're making Kenneth Branagh cry.)

Enter a time machine. Hamlet meets Jesus. Again, if you think this doesn't make sense, clearly you've never been to high school.

And as a Christian, I can take a hit or two. I won't boycott the movie. But I'd rather you take the jab at me, not at Jesus. Just like Saved. There was a lot of truth in that film. Uncomfortable truth. And like most comedies of this genre, I know that it will make fun of everyone. Not that this lessens the blow for some; but it does spread it out. (Hey, I know folks who didn't like The Passion's Jesus. And Jesus Christ Superstar was once scandalous. You can't win.)

Back to Shakespeare (perhaps the ultimate dead boyfriend).

Joel and I were talking about Romeo and Juliet the other day. About how we'd like to see a teenybopper adaptation that's all pink, happy, mildly woe-is-me and Amanda Bynes-ish and then-- BAM! It ends the way Shakespeare intended. Why haven't we seen this yet? I'm sick of "star-crossed lovers" that don't have their stars crossed.

That is all.

Long live 10 Things I Hate About You.


michael lewis said...

This is now the third time I have been presented with this film.

The first two times were more to point out the "undiscovered" comedic sensation in Steve Coogan. No one ever mentioned this religious twist.

I clicked the poster thinking it was a link to imdb, but instead, it was just a larger version of the jpg, whereupon I was able to determine the other leads; and now I definitely want to see this film!

Thus far in my film watching "career" (I don't get paid, but I wish I did), I haven't not liked what I've seen of Keener and Shue's work.

And Arquette? Does he have those funny sisters? Or is it just one sister?

michael lewis said...

A wise man once told me, the best source is the critical source.

If the criticism is true and it stands, then it's likely true.

But if the thing being criticised can withstand the criticism, that criticism will simply fade away, discrediting the one who made it.

Therefore, I enjoy religious criticism, even if only from the level that it allows me to understand what others think.

[This may not work for all people.]

nadine said...

If you click on the underlined "Hamlet 2," you'll get your link to the trailer.

I believe they make fun of Shue, playing herself. So you may finally like her.

And Arquette has sisters Rosanna and Patricia (of "Medium"). And a brother-turned-sister named Alexis (also in show biz). They're the anti-Baldwins.

nadine said...

And I agree with the thoughts on criticism.

I also would rather know what's being put out there so I'm not on an inaccurate defensive. I hate it when people are angry about things they know nothing of. Not that Hamlet 2 is going to make me angry.

michael lewis said...

I just watched the trailer and the "Rock me" song, and I've got to say:

I'm laughing!

I think I will likely enjoy this film, mostly for its absurdity.

Thanks for featuring it in your blog, oh hallowed Blogger / Bloggette.

Joanne said...

I don't know why Michael was pissing himself laughing? the film does look good, but he was dying over the Sexy Jesus music video...I guess I would have to have a Christian brain to understand?

nadine said...

It probably helps a little. To appreciate the absolute contrast to how we usually see Jesus represented.

Actually, I think you have to have a Michael brain.... :)

Robert Campbell said...

Hamlet 2 is not subtle humour. It's shock comedy - south park esque ridiculous and absurd.