Sunday, August 03, 2008

Underrated Part 1: James Marsden

James Marsden doesn't get enough love from the critics. I blame it on his prettiness. It's hard to take someone's talent seriously when they are genetic-lottery winners. But he doesn't deserve to be lumped in with the nothing-behind-the-eyes pretty-boy club home to Paul Walker and Brandon Routh (who, coincidentally, was Lois Lane's preference over Marsden in Superman Returns. The guy can't catch a break). The man has acting chops. And singing ability. And since my friend literally bumped into him when he was filming Hairspray in Toronto, we're now closely connected in the whole degrees-of-separation game that has recently been scientifically proven. Sheesh, I could have told you that.

Thanks to the McGosling phenomenon, everyone forgets he was the great guy left behind in The Notebook. He was Cyclops. He was Prince Charming. He was the only redeeming factor in 27 Dresses. He'll be leading-man material yet. As he ages, his physical perfection will transform into something a little more rugged and worn and manly and Clooney-esque. And everyone will be shocked that he can act. Beauty is blinding, the poor man.

There are rumors of a Hairspray sequel. We are not amused. Check out MovieZen for the details.

His Hairspray solo is below. I love this movie. I love the entire cast. Maybe even Travolta. And I love that the actors can actually sing. Lip-synching is too easy. And tone-deafness should not be overlooked just because the actor's famous.

And if you need proof that he (and the rest of 'em) can actually sing, he performs the song live here.


michael lewis said...

This isn't so much of a comment as it is a concurrence.

I am in complete concurrence.

I concur that spell check didn't reveal my inability in English by placing the squiggly little red line under my various uses of the verb concur.

michael lewis said...

"Nice white kids....and once a month it's Negro day."

Hairspray is and always will be AWESOME.

michael lewis said...

Thanks for the clip.

I nearly forgot how good this remake is!

Has Travolta done a bad movie? (And yes, I did enjoy and like Battlefield Earth.)

nadine said...

Hmm. I've heard painful things about "Wild Hogs," but haven't seen it to fairly bash it.

He was brilliant in "Primary Colors." Although if I were Clinton, I probably would have sued :)

Yeah, I think Hairspray is one of the most successful Broadway-to-film adaptations in recent years. Loved it.

michael lewis said...

If Wild Hogs is bad, then it's due to Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence.

Especially Martin Lawrence.

Did I mention that I don't like Martin Lawrence?