Monday, August 25, 2008

Waltzing Matilda

Last night, A Knight's Tale was on. I didn't let myself watch it. Instead, I went to bed at 9:30 and still barely made it out of bed this morning.

I find Heath's movies a little awkward to watch. There's something too compelling about them. Every whispered declaration of love burdens me. Every death scene chills me. And yet I find it so hard to turn away. Maybe I'm fascinated by what we leave behind. Or mourning for things that will never be.

There are photos floating around cyberspace of Heath hanging from a noose. They're stills from his final film. The film he was shooting at the time of his death. I feel as though the images are too personal for me to look at.

When I heard that Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell were all donating their paychecks from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus to Matilda Ledger, my heart melted a little. Okay, it went to mush.

She's the most adorable little mini-Heath. And she doesn't get to grow up with a daddy. She wasn't even in his will. But the three men stepping into his unfinished role knew Ledger's heart and took care of her on his behalf.

Read more at MovieZen.

Christopher Plummer is in Heath's last film. Which is another reason to see it. If you weren't already sold on the idea.

Maybe I should have a will. Who wants this blog?

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