Saturday, August 02, 2008

Computer Desks Are the New Gym Memberships

I spend a lot of time at my computer. To be more accurate, I spend a lot of time at computers. Plural. And as I look at more freelancing opportunities and writing gigs, I need to find a way to stay sharp. And maybe find a way to not die of atrophy.

I have found a solution. One that will keep me active, fit and stimulated. And I won't have to step away from my beloved computer either.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Walkstation.

Too bad my apartment is approximately the size of three shoeboxes. And my budget doesn't quite accommodate such a purchase ($4000?!). But I could probably pick up an ancient treadmill at a garage sale somewhere and balance a plank across it....

Check out Treadmill Desk and read about someone who made their own. It changed his life. Which depresses me. What has my desk done for me lately?

(The claim that I could lose 57 pounds in a year is a little alarming. I would die.)


Sarah said...

This is evil-genius-level insane! Love it!

Brad Rhoads said...

Hi Nadine,

A homemade treadmill desk will work fine. Since I got my treadmill for free from a guy at church, I have a total of $25 in my setup.

It would be great to have you join our network of treadmill desk users at


Jay Buster said...

Hi Nadine,

I'm the guy you mentioned (

I learned that it's just as important to count calories as it is to walk on my Treadmill Desk if you're trying to lose weight (as I was).

An excellent free site is The Daily Plate (now at Livestrong):

Keep on Walking!

Jay Buster