Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things I Love Tuesday (TiLT)

I don't know how many of you read Gala Darling's blog iCing, but she does a weekly entry called TiLT (Things I Love Thursday). I know this is Tuesday. But I'm an idea-stealer who likes to spin things slightly. So I shall give her the credit and move on....

My Haircut

I felt like a million bucks walking out the salon. And as it only cost half a million, I consider it a successful snip. My hair looks longer. Which is odd. And physically impossible. It's like a post-modern "Rachel" cut. For normal people, this means that I got a trim with a couple of layers. But it had been almost six months.

I would take a picture, but my dad stole my camera.

I even walked the long way home today, just to let it bounce in the wind. Funny how hair can change your posture. Did I mention I love it?


I've decided that tipping is way too much fun. I have to resist not constantly over-tipping, as I'm not quite rich yet. I'm not sure if my landlord would understand that I tipped away my rent.

Writing on the Subway

I was scribbling in a notebook when I realized that the man beside me was doing the exact same thing. I wonder if he was writing about me just as I'm writing about him now....

Michael Phelps

I want to bottle this picture and drink it every Monday morning. That unbridled exuberance. I'm more than willing to cheer on Team U.S.A. for this kind of joy.

And yes, I would feel the same about the photo if he were in a snowsuit. Don't roll your eyes at his shirtlessness. I didn't pose the guy.

Doug Ross, M.D.

Did I see George Clooney on the ER promos for the final season? Please say yes. Oh, never mind. It was a flashback to his last episode. Does he get royalties for that spot?

Oh, well. I do not consider this moment wasted.

Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee

Black. Large. Hot. Caffeinated.

Snow in Sydney

Actually, it was hail on a super-cold day. But it makes me happy. I'm not sure why. Maybe knowing that there is a weather problem globally eases the discomfort of a soggy summer. I have not worn sandals once.

Some people talk about local weather with their hair stylist; we chat international.

Someone Else's Photo

I saw a picture. It doesn't belong to me. So I can't cut and paste it here. But it was perfect. It was like a snapshot of my heart. Minus the blood and guts.


I'm actually excited. It's gonna be good, folks, this upcoming year called "the quarter-life."

Steven King

On Writing was amazing. And humbling. The next time I'm about to go into whiny-baby "life is overwhelming" mode, I should remember that he was run over by a van. And still finished his book.

Invisibility Cloaks

Fashion-trend alert.
Have you read?
Scientists say they are a step closer to developing materials that could render people and objects invisible.

Researchers have demonstrated for the first time they were able to cloak three-dimensional objects using artificially engineered materials that redirect light around the objects. Previously, they only have been able to cloak very thin two-dimensional objects.

I want one in brown. Right. I guess that's not really applicable.

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