Monday, August 18, 2008


I highly recommend Once. Highly.

It's such a simple lovely little film. The music is gorgeous. The story is poignant. The characters are like paintings, impressions of life. And in an odd way, I can relate to a woman dragging a Hoover vacuum into a music store, banging away on a piano she can't afford, accompanying a lonely stranger with a broken heart.

I would play his song in a heartbeat.

The Academy Award-winning song is below. So very deserved.


nathan said...

Sam and I definitley bought the soundtrack on sunday....and yes broken hearted hoover fixer sucker guy is on it

Beth said...

i was going to put some of their music on your birthday CD, but then i figured you already had it...and now i have WAY too many songs, so i can't add more...

mike said...

great movie
& nathan is right
incidentally, the hover fixer sucker song was spontaneous and not supposed to make it in... but it's a hit... at least among the slightly weird members of our clan... oh, i guess that includes all of us