Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best Sandals Ever

I wore new sandals today. I am in love. I even pegged my jeans to evoke a little Katie Holmes vibe. Sans crazy Cruise. Because cool sandals make me aspire to hipness.

Footwear-shopping is generally a frustrating experience for me, as my arches would better suit a ballerina than a blogger. I prefer to just admire from a safe distance. But last weekend, I broke my personal-best footwear record. I bought two pairs of sandals. Quickly and effortlessly.

So far, so good. Scratch that. So far, so fabulous.

If I were a real celebrity (and not just one in my head), I would pursue the endorsement deal for these.

You can buy them here. But I got a crazy good deal. 'Cause I'm a super-shopper now.

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