Monday, August 04, 2008

Mystery of the Day: The Tom Jones Appeal

I watch Canadian Idol. It's part of my job. As followers of dailyIdolTV, I'm sure you know this. Theo will win. And he rocked the scarf again tonight. We're twins.

This evening, Tom Jones was the guest mentor.

I'm trying to figure out why women love him. Is it really the "moving and shaking"? I prefer my shaking in Elvis form, thanks. Wikipedia says he's "particularly noted for his voice." Well, that's a relief. It then goes on to describe "his tight breeches and billowing shirts." I just threw up in my mouth a little.

What am I missing? I don't think it's ageism. I can see the appeal in a McCartney, even a Mick (on a good day). But Tom Jones?!

And to be fair, I Googled a pre-plastic-surgery version. I'm assuming that's when the ladies first latched on.

Not much better.
I only drool over Tom when he's made of sugar.

It is worth noting that "She's a Lady," his biggest hit, was written by Paul Anka, whom I love for absolutely no reason except that I once assumed all songs on the oldies station were Anka songs. I've probably just lost all credibility.

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michael lewis said...

I like Tom Jones.

nadine said...


But he does he make your heart go a-flutter?

mike said...

Is Tom Jones playing in Vegas?

nadine said...

Ooh, now there's a wedding singer for ya, Michael :)

michael lewis said...

He is performing all month at the MGM Grand.

Sadly, his "tour" ends two days before we get there. And tickets to see Tom Jones are substantially more than O at the Bellagio.

Then we met Andrew Allen a few weeks ago. It turns out that he's doing a wedding in California just before ours, and he may just end up in Vegas....if Joanne has her way!