Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Julianne Moore's "Sweeping" Blindness

Last summer, Julianne Moore rented a house in Kitchener. Not quite Manhattan, but it made do as temporary digs while she filmed Blindness, the upcoming Canadian thriller about contagious blindness.

And in her off time, she dragged her kids and husband around Mennonite country. With platinum-blond hair instead of her trademark red, she was rather anonymous as she browsed through St. Jacobs' quilt stores. (Honestly, even if she were in a ball gown, no one would really be expecting an Oscar-nominated actress to be waiting in line next to them for ice cream; her privacy was pretty much guaranteed.)

One fine day, she went broom-shopping. At this rustic little store:

My brother Nathan worked in that shop. My brother who is not Mennonite, nor Amish, despite the frequent inquiries of tourists. And he sold her a broom. So as you watch her latest flick, be very aware that when she went home after a long day of filming, she swept off her front porch with a little piece of Bells greatness.


Beth said...

does your brother work there still? i think i went in that store twice this spring/summer...

nadine said...

No. He worked there last summer and the summer before that.

He has since moved on to bigger and better things. But you'd be surprised at how many family members wanted a broom from him. Or how many tourists took pictures of him at work....

michael lewis said...

Take out the piercings, and he could pass as Mennonite.

And that's way too cool!

Sadly, the only thing I really remember Moore for is her co-lead in Boogie Nights.

Oh, and I could never forget Assassins; Antonio Banderas is so dreamy.

nadine said...

Have you seen Children of Men?

Yeah, I kinda like Moore: I'm Not There, The Shipping News, The Hours, Far From Heaven... And The Fugitive.