Monday, April 13, 2009

OK, It's Alright With Me

I've mentioned this before. But I don't mind repeating myself.

I love Eric Hutchinson.

See here. (Oh, the plaid.)

And here. (Oh, the tragedy.)

And here. (Yep, it's true love.)

I'm not sure if I want to be him or marry him, but we're certainly going pretty strong. Actually, I think I just want to hang out on his tour bus and have him teach me the guitar between gigs. And maybe collaborate on quirky lyrics. And play late-night Scrabble.

He's coming to Toronto. With Sugarland. And since I also want to be Jennifer Nettles, I just might have to show up. Which means I'm looking for a concert date, folks. So if you're around in early June, let me know!

Here's his latest video. With the piano this time. Of course. Sigh.

Everyone needs someone like Eric in their lives. Makes the treadmill fun. (Shocking, I know.) And inspires many, many late nights at the piano. He makes me wanna play.

P.S. Thanks for the video heads up, Christianne. Too bad we can't make that concert weekend work. If I go, I'll reenact the whole thing for you. Both Hutchinson and Sugarland.

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nathan bells said...

I dig the typography in the video