Monday, February 09, 2009

The Grammys: Always Adele

I didn't watch all of the Grammys. I'm more of a movie-award-show girl. Usually, my musical loves are not acknowledged whatsoever, leaving me to sit through painful banter and medlies of "hits" I've never heard before. This was pretty much the case last night, save for a few standouts.

Highlight of the Grammys: Adele

(I'd also like to award Adele with Best Dressed. Love everything about her.)

"Chasing Pavements" is my favorite song of 2008. Followed by Sugarland's "Stay." I like the super-honest, sweetly haunting, slightly uncomfortable stuff, apparently.

And yes, I'm admitting to being a Sugarland fan. It became official about a month ago, when I realized that a song that lyrically doesn't really reflect my life resonates quite strongly with me. Yep, I magically relate to a song about being the other woman.

(But I totally relate to "Chasing Pavements" lyrically. 'Cause I'm a girl.)

I want Jennifer Nettles and Adele to go on tour together. I'll join them and sell T-shirts.

Sugarland's "Stay"

Surprise Reaction of Non-Hate: Kid Rock

I can't explain it, but the man no longer creeps me out. "Amen" was pretty rockin'. He should wear a suit (or anything with sleeves, really) more often. I think I'd like to hang out with him at a backyard BBQ. I bet he grills a mean steak. Yep, I live to shock you.

Other random thoughts:
  • Alison Krauss, though mute for most of the night, had a gorgeous dress. Forgot to do her hair, though.
  • Miley Cyrus should be grounded until she's 18.
  • Jonas Brothers + Stevie Wonder = surprisingly non-horrible. "Together again." Ha.
  • Jennifer Hudson brings out the gospel choir. My kryptonite.
  • Bono wears darker eye shadow than I do. And when he sings "sexy boots," I am certain he is singing about my boots of the same name. Yes, I name my boots.
  • I'm glad Chris Martin acknowledged that his band was wearing pastel rip-offs of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band attire. 'Cause they were.
  • Boyz II Men are officially a backup band.
  • I would never perform on my due date. Ever.
  • I want to be Jennifer Nettles. Oh, did I imply that already? Silly me.
  • I went to bed before Radiohead played. This makes me the most uncool person ever. Probably.

Beth, thanks for introducing me to Adele. You have the gift of musical matchmaking.

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Beth said...

you're very welcome. i'm glad she got the recognition. i really like her. and her album (which i downloaded previous to the grammy nominees, so i do feel like i was starting the bandwagon, not joining it!)