Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Night Without Eric Hutchinson

Remember this post? Well, I was right. I totally fell for the quirky Eric Hutchinson. He's my fake musician boyfriend of the month. Which is why it's completely tragic that I'm typing this. See, AT THIS VERY MOMENT, he's playing in Toronto. And I'm in Toronto. And we are not together. Sigh.

Matt Hires is opening. Yes, this guy. The endearing singer/songwriter from the Brooke Fraser concert. We're practically BFFs.

Of course, this isn't quite as sad as last month's Sam Roberts situation. Sam played in my neighborhood. Four times in one week. Walking distance from my house. I did not go. It's one of those regrets that will haunt me on my deathbed, I'm sure.

I need some sort of lack-of-concert intervention. Quick, someone take me to Bono!

While I sulk, watch this. It's proof that Hutchinson can perform live. (Yeah, he's a keyboard and guitar guy. Of course he is.) He can also play brilliantly from my iPod. Which is as close as we get these days.

Best lyric:

Ridin' the subway with the scent of her hair
She took out a toothbrush, started usin' it there
She explained, "I'm always sure today's the day I will die
I wanna look good if I get to look God in the eye."

Yeah, I've been on a wordplay kick. Be witty with cute rhyming schemes, boys. Like Jason Mraz.


Beth said...

you should get jon foreman's album "Limbs & Branches." it is currently stuck in my head. along with Willie Fitz, who is STILL amazing.

nadine said...

I love Switchfoot. So I think it's about time I start hanging out with Jon on his own :)

And yes, Willie Fitz is still amazing. Especially late at night. By lamplight. He's not really an overhead-lighting-at-noon kind of guy.