Friday, April 17, 2009

For the Love of Plaid: Prologue

I know I promised a post that would explain my love for plaid. This is the post to acknowledge that a post is coming. It won't live up to the hype, but it's coming nonetheless.

My dear friend Julia explained to her mother last weekend that plaid's my favorite pattern. (Probably followed by nautical stripes, gingham and pinstripes. In case you were wondering.)

Oddly, despite my waxing poetic on the subject, I don't own a lot of plaid. A couple of scarves, a Value Village skirt from a costume party years ago, a pair of wool trousers that will fit again once my runner's body decides to lean out a little more, and a purse.

And as of yesterday, I own this:

It makes me feel like a hip, preppy cowgirl. As someone who once defined her style as "Audrey Hepburn goes to camp," it seems appropriate. It also might be just the thing to wear in the presence of these guys next week:

I'll expand later. On the topic of tartan and checked fabrics. And then I'll chat about Bret and Jemaine. Because next Wednesday will be quite the adventure in Toronto.

P.S. I'm pretty sure my crush on plaid has a lot to do with Clueless. Or The Beverly Hillbillies.


Cee Burr said...

and you bought that shirt where? Looks good.

nadine said...

Thanks :)

Urban Outfitters. Which makes me a total hipster. (Although I'm not wearing skinny jeans. Yet.)

nadine said...

I just added the link to the entry. Mine (in the color "salmon prep") is no longer available online.

Beth said...

a) is the plaid skirt from the 50s party? i can picture the two of us at that event with stellar hair and cute poodle skirts.

b) i also love plaid, but generally limit my ownership to one item at a time. currently, it is a strapless cotton top.

c) i am INSANELY jealous that you are seeing FOTC next week. if anyone you know cancels last me. i will come.

nadine said...

a) It most certainly is. The wig is stashed under my bed too.

b) Ooh, I like the sound of that. Sounds like summer.

c) I'll keep my eyes and ears open for cancellations. And if I get run over by a cab prior to Wednesday evening, this comment promises you my ticket. Yes, a blogged will.

Walking Church said...

The preamble to the next post works for me.

Most know...that to be a preppy cowgirl ya need need the pointy boots, cowgirl hat and bandanna.

Promise you won't default to C&W...I hear it in some of the smaller retail stores in rural the TSC, Ma and Pa's dinner etc and it has the same effect upon me as Christmas music....I want to run out of the place, hands over my ears, rocking back and forth in a fetal position screaming 'No! No! Gaithers give me similar convulsions...enough about my hangups.

Yes anxious still to see next post. Curious if you had to make the perfect Tartan..what would it look like...other queries as to whether once can mix plaids..upon plaids....can one have a plaid top and plaid pants...or does this put one in the realm of Herb Tarlic from WKRP. He thought white shoes and belt went with his plaid suits.

These begging questions can cause us to become delirious...but the overwhelming this:

Toronto being so accepting of they truly embrace the rural plaid infestation? Or does it blend into the big pavement jungle?

Yet another question: (sorry...well not) is it a faux pas to wear plaid after thanksgiving and before May 24th long weekend...kind of like the equivalent to white, the exception being winter white...of course or does plaid pick up where white leaves off...kind of like the perfect tag team combo.

Inquiring minds gotta know.

Walking Church said...

What are your thoughts about plaid backgrounds for flannel graph presentations?