Thursday, April 02, 2009

The "After" Photo

There. A little less Brad Pitt-y. More layers, less pouf.

And oddly, my hair looks longer. Especially in the back. Maybe when you fork over a day's paycheck for the sake of vanity, God feels sorry for you and gives you free extensions. Yep, that'll teach me.

Oh, and for those of you who happen to live nowhere near me and are not blessed with the opportunity to stare at my face daily (Hello, family...and most of you), these are my new glasses. The glare makes it look like there's a white stripe. There is not. They're amber and black and acetate and handmade and expensive. I should have bought them with euros. Because they're French. I know this because they taunt me late at night in their native tongue. "Pauvre fille. Vous avez des factures à payer."

I hate money.

But I like my sight. Vision wins. Again.

And I would revert to the good ol' days' chicken-for-firewood trading, but I have no chickens. Or firewood. So my situation would, in fact, be far worse.

P.S. The lighting in my apartment is not conducive to amazing PhotoBooth photography. My skin isn't actually green. Or pink. I don't think.


.sam.wellhauser. said...

ooh i like your new glasses.. i am toying with the idea of finding new frames... you may have inspired me.

and side note..if you ever need chickens for trading.. I can hook you up..

nadine said...

Thanks, Sam! I think I tried on every pair of glasses in Toronto before finding something I liked. I should design frames. Because the ones in my head don't exist :)

(Okay, I should design clothes too. And shoes.)

And I'll keep you posted on my I-want-a-chicken-to-trade situation. Good to have a resource!

Katie V. said...

Hot new hair and glasses! Now I really can't wait to be your in-person friend again.