Friday, April 24, 2009

It Happened Wednesday Night: Flight of the Conchords

I smuggled in my camera. Rules don't apply to me.

They played "Sellotape."
And "Albi the Racist Dragon."
And paused the show until some guy in the front came back from the washroom.
And I laughed. Very, very hard.

Note to self: Laugh out loud every day.
Other note to self: Apartment officially sleeps four. Almost comfortably.
Final note to self: Next time you see Eugene Mirman walking around the Eaton Centre, talk to him. Ignoring quasi-famous funny men is so last year.


Karen said...

Holy cow, I am jealous. It sounds like an awesome night! Off to find out when they have a live show next and how I can fly there...

Beth said...

technically, ignoring quasi-famous men is so this-year. since it happened two days ago.