Tuesday, April 21, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Conchords Countdown

This is my desktop wallpaper at work:

It captures, A, how I feel most mornings, and, B, my love for all things Flight of the Conchords. Tomorrow evening, I will I see them live. (Sans Rhys, but still....) After that, all joy in my life will merely be icing on the cake.

Once upon a late sleepless night (Boy Behind the Wall was hosting an eclectic listening party of sorts), I was sent this via the wonderful world wide web:

Rhys is a new favorite. And at the top of my list of fantasy-dinner-party-invitees. Hilarious.

Some highlights:

Many thanks, Adam! We'll have to compare concert notes.

Sellotape (Pencils in the Wind)

Why does this song not get the love it deserves? It's not on their EP or CD. Tragic.

Rags to Rags....

You've probably seen this. Most of my Conchords friends have posted this on their blogs. Because it's brilliant.

P.S. This guy is opening for Flight of the Conchords. "Canada is what happens what love falls in love." So true. I think.


Beth said...

so much jealousy in my heart.


michael lewis said...


envy. not jealousy.

michael lewis said...

Rags to Rags.... LOVE IT!

My favourite song which deserves more love is "Brett you've got it going on".


"he pretends you're a woman? no, that's not gay."