Saturday, April 11, 2009

Objectionable Content

I understand that sites such as PluggedInOnline are meant for parents who want to know every possible objectionable word/sight gag/implication in the media their children are absorbing. I watch a lot of TV in my day job, and often catch myself concluding that my kids will not be watching, uh, anything. Ever.

But I'm also pretty sure, that as PG as my life is, this blog would receive plenty of warnings. Because I own sexy boots. And this is a problem for some.

The most recent U2 review:

Album closer "Cedars of Lebanon" includes the disc's sole profanity, an s-word. "No Line on the Horizon" includes a mildly sensual couplet ("Time is irrelevant, it's not linear/Then she put her tongue in my ear"). "Get on Your Boots" repeatedly describes the aforementioned footwear as "sexy" ("Hey, sexy boots/Get on your boots").

Most boggling is that they praise the theme of Keith Urban's "Kiss a Girl" (Um, it's about kissing...and making "a little magic in the moonlight") and then criticize the lyrics "kissing on the porch swing" in another of his songs. I can't keep up. Or figure out which kind of kissing is appropriate.

Focus On the Family and I have been done for some time. It was a break that dissolved into nothingness. Sorry, Dobson and friends, but I need a little more cultural relevancy. And grace. (Actually, when you dissed Mel Gibson, I walked away. Braveheart forever. The truth comes out.)

But thanks for the Ted Bundy interview. It changed my life as an 11-year-old. Porn creates serial killers.

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mike said...

Dobson lost me a long time ago when he thought he could be an "expert" on just about every area of life.

As you say, they are no longer culturally relevant and show a notable lack of grace, or is it fail to show grace?