Monday, April 06, 2009

Welcome to Math. Weather Math.

My umbrella broke on Friday. Total and complete destruction. So I threw it out.

It was pouring this morning. I dug the twisted nylon mess out of the trash and embraced the hobo-chic look for approximately 30 minutes. And then threw it out. Again.

The man in the convenience store beside my work sold me an umbrella for $3.99. I anticipated it surviving for 2 days. Hope set high.

It died. Already. See, I work in a wind tunnel. It didn't have a chance. One gust and the nylon was yanked violently from the frame. I am not meant to remain dry.

Off to secretly plot my move to Arizona. And/or design an indestructible handbag-sized umbrella of greatness. That also happens to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

P.S. Check out More New Math. Time-waster par excellence. Life is math. (Thanks, Sarah, for the link!)

P.P.S. Did you any of you read the book Has Anybody Seen My Umbrella? It's fascinating. Prince Charming can't read, so when he finds Cinderella's glass slipper, he misreads the name (yes, like a good-- and organized-- heroine, she labeled her shoes) and then walks around town, looking for Umbrella. Taught me to appreciate literacy, umbrellas and fairy tales. In that order.

P.P.P.S. I've posted about my umbrella issues before. I explain my umbrella pain here. And then mourn the theft of one here. And my stolen umbrella returned here. And then there was the great tragedy of losing Bert the umbrella. Maybe I'm still not over him. And this umbrella love story. Oh, and I named one umbrella Ebeneezer.

And sadly, this was streamlining the umbrella posts. I didn't want to overwhelm you. If you're a piece of nylon sheltering me from the rain, even for just a day, you will be blogged about.


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Beth said...

next time you come west, you should visit the umbrella shop on granville island. my umbrella has lasted for 2.5 years with no end in sight. and a lifetime (or 10 year?) guarantee...

nadine said...

Ooh, yes. Perfect reason to head west!

Every time I make a crazy plan in my head, I ask myself, "What's the point?"

Well, now I can answer, "To buy an umbrella. A necessity of life. Duh."