Saturday, April 04, 2009

I Actually Do Love This. I Think.

Do you ever question your own musical tastes? Your motives behind new musical discoveries?

Many, many moons ago, I was smitten with a gentleman who loved U2. And so I embraced the band wholeheartedly, hoping to understand my crush better. Of course, the infatuation quickly fizzled. But I owe him a lot. Because Bono and I have stood the test of time.

But sometimes I look at my music collection and can't decide if I like it all. Some of it was purchased for reasons other than ear candy. But maybe that's what makes music so personal; I may not crave that particular sound or artist, but I can relive my life through it.

I've decided that I do like Dead Man's Bones. And not just because of Ryan Gosling. But I've also decided that it's okay to like the band because of him just as it's okay to like the band despite him.

It's the use of choir. Slays me every time.


mike said...

I love the contrst between being shot in a graveyard and the lively music

nathan bells said...

I dig it.