Tuesday, March 31, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Last Night

Katy Perry at Kool Haus

Since yesterday's post was filled with musical references, I figured I'd just expand here with fun visuals courtesy of YouTube. As is the weekly tradition.

First, my life in Toronto Star headlines:
  • U2 is sold out. Sort of. Stupid Ticketmaster. (And no, I did NOT pay $252 for mine.)
  • Katy Perry was sold out. And packed with teenyboppers. I'm still recovering from being assaulted with ponytails. But 'twas fun.
  • And in other news, my friend and I showed up in the same pair of shoes. Apparently half a decade of absence does not negate amazingly identical tastes in footwear. The Star did not cover this. Should have.
The Daylights

They opened last night. And were quite good. With a bit of a U2-meet-The-Killers vibe. Too bad they confused "conceived" with "consummated" during an otherwise cute moment of banter. I care about the misuse of vocabulary. Especially when around impressionable/dumb teenagers.

Extra props for waiting until every fan who wanted to meet them did. I appreciate non-divas.


No, the video's not from last night. But she did grab a remarkably similar acoustic moment. And impressed me with her ability to sing live.

To keep things interesting, there was an inflatable cherry chapstick on-stage. And she sang in front of an inflatable "Kitty Purry" set. And wore a penguin mini-dress. Did I mention that teenagers love her? Adorableness-meets-questionable-lyrical-content.

And coming up....


I heart "One." And to hear it played in Ireland would be pretty darn fantastic. Most of you know I'm not a beer drinker. But I'll have a pint in Dublin one day. Preferably with The Edge. I think he's highly underrated.

Am I excited for September? I'll have to get back to you on that one.

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